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Looking for exceptional home-online tutors in the G13 area of Islamabad? Your search ends here with Oxford Tutors Our unwavering commitment to personalized learning has enabled countless students to excel academically. With a team of esteemed tutors and a tailored approach, we ensure every student receives the individualized support they need to thrive. Call Dr. Babar at +92 332 8200082and avail a ONE-DAY FREE trial class today!

Why Opt for Oxford Tutors?

Qualified Experts:

Our tutors hold degrees and certifications from prestigious institutions, ensuring top-quality instruction for your child.

Extensive Expertise:

With years of experience, our tutors adeptly tackle diverse learning challenges and employ varied teaching methods to cater to distinct learning styles.

Tailored Learning:

Recognizing each child’s uniqueness, our tutors adapt methods to match individual needs, promoting better comprehension and retention.

Supportive Environment:

Our tutors foster a positive, encouraging learning atmosphere that boosts confidence and ignites a passion for learning.

Join the Journey:

Elevate your child’s education with personalized guidance, expert mentorship, and newfound confidence. Reach us at +92 332 8200082 to discuss your child’s needs and schedule a tutoring session.

Oxford Tutors Offer:

We cater to O level, A level, IB, IGCSE, GCE, Edexcel, 9th, 10th, FSc, Grades 1-8, Pre 9th, Spoken English, IELTS, Montessori, PG, Nursery, Kindergarten, CSS, PMS, ACCA, CA.CSS, PMS, SAT, GRE, MDCAT, ECAT, NET, Computer Courses, Calligraphy, and a wide array of educational subjects, all taught by our esteemed tutors.

Our Esteemed Tutors:

At Oxford Tutors, academic excellence is in the hands of the best educators:

  • Dr. Yasir: PhD in Economics
  • Dr. Waseem: PhD in Accounting
  • Dr. Atif: PhD in Physics
  • Dr. Nasir: PhD in Mathematics
  • Dr. Zia: PhD in Accounting
  • Dr. Adnan: PhD in Mathematics
  • Dr. Shujhat: PhD in Statistics
  • Dr. Zulfiqar: PhD in Biochemistry
  • Dr. Ghulam Mohidin: PhD in Biochemistry
  • Dr. Khadija: PhD in Biochemistry
  • Dr. Suleman: PhD in Mathematics
  • Miss Nazia: APS Principal, MPhil in Chemistry
  • Sir Naveed: MPhil in Biochemistry, Beaconhouse, Roots
  • Miss Maryum: APS tutor, MSc in Chemistry
  • Miss Ramsha Munir: MPhil in English
  • Sir Imran: MPhil in English, Roots tutor
  • Miss Maria: MPhil in Chemistry, Roots tutor
  • Miss Momina: BSc in Chemistry
  • Miss Sadia: APS tutor, MSc in Chemistry
  • Miss Marukh: APS tutor, MSc in Economics and LLB
  • Miss Aliya: Beaconhouse tutor, MPhil in Mathematics
  • Miss Tehreem: The City School tutor, MS in Computer
  • Sir Atif: APS tutor, MPhil in Physics
  • Sir Nawaz: APS tutor, MSc in Mathematics
  • Sir Akbar: Beaconhouse tutor, MSc in Computer
  • Miss Asma: MSc in Zoology
  • Sir Irfan: MSc in Physics
  • Miss Nazia: APS Principal, MPhil in Chemistry
  • Sir Abrar: MSc in Chemistry, SLO Expert
  • Sir Imran: MA in English
  • Miss Kishawar: MPhil in Urdu, APS tutor


“Grateful for the tutoring services! Our son achieved 8 A*s in O levels, thanks to dedicated support. Their teaching methods and personalized attention made a real difference. Highly recommended!” – Mahnoor’s Father

“Thrilled with our son Abdullah’s results under their guidance. He not only excelled but topped the board! The tutors inspire and motivate, building confidence. A big part of his success belongs to this tutoring team. Highly recommended!” – Abdullah’s Father

Embrace Excellence:

Empower your child’s academic journey with Oxford Tutors. Don’t miss the chance to excel. Contact us now and unlock educational success!

Our Esteemed Tutors near G13 Islamabad:

At Oxford Tutors, academic excellence is in the hands of the best educators: Sir Anees: MPhil in Mathematics Dr. Iqra: MBBS Sir Farhan: Mechanical Engineer Sir Hamza: NUST Tutor Sir Naeem: MSc in Physics Dr. Khadija: PhD in Biochemistry

  • Sir Anees: MPhil in Mathematics
  • Dr. Iqra: MBBS
  • Sir Farhan: Mechanical Engineer
  • Sir Hamza: NUST Tutor
  • Sir Naeem: MSc in Physics
  • Dr. Khadija: PhD in Biochemistry

1. Sir Anees – MPhil in Mathematics:

Sir Anees, armed with an MPhil in Mathematics, brings a profound understanding of the complexities of mathematical concepts. His advanced degree equips him to guide students through the intricacies of algebra, calculus, and other mathematical disciplines. With a passion for nurturing logical thinking, Sir Anees is dedicated to cultivating strong problem-solving skills among his students.

2. Dr. Iqra – MBBS:

Dr. Iqra’s vast medical knowledge, as a graduate of MBBS, enriches the academic landscape at Oxford Tutors She is a beacon of insight for students aspiring to enter the medical field. Her expertise not only covers the essential medical subjects but also extends to mentoring students in developing critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for success in the medical realm.

3. Sir Farhan – Mechanical Engineer:

Sir Farhan, armed with a background as a Mechanical Engineer, brings a unique perspective to the realm of tutoring. His engineering background enables him to provide practical insights into science and mathematics, bridging theoretical concepts with real-world applications. Through his guidance, students not only grasp the fundamentals but also comprehend how these concepts shape our technological world.

4. Sir Hamza – NUST Tutor:

Sir Hamza’s role as a NUST (National University of Sciences and Technology) tutor is instrumental in preparing students for the challenges of competitive exams. With an in-depth understanding of NUST’s testing patterns and curriculum, he provides students with tailored strategies and comprehensive resources to maximize their potential and achieve success in these rigorous exams.

5. Sir Naeem – MSc in Physics:

Sir Naeem’s MSc in Physics sets the stage for an immersive learning experience in the realm of physics. With a keen focus on conceptual clarity and practical applications, he imparts his knowledge with enthusiasm and precision. Students under Sir Naeem’s guidance not only grasp the theoretical aspects of physics but also develop an appreciation for the laws that govern our universe.

6. Dr. Khadija – PhD in Biochemistry:

Dr. Khadija’s PhD in Biochemistry fuels her passion for unraveling the mysteries of life sciences. Her expertise spans biochemical pathways, molecular interactions, and the intricate workings of living organisms. Through her guidance, students gain a comprehensive understanding of biology at the molecular level, paving the way for careers in medical, research, and academic fields.

These esteemed tutors collectively represent Oxford Tutors‘ dedication to delivering exceptional education tailored to G13, Islamabad’s educational landscape. Their commitment to academic excellence and individualized guidance ensures that each student’s learning journey is transformative, inspiring, and intellectually rewarding.

For More Details: Visit our website https://Oxford Tutors.com/ to learn about our home-online tutoring services and the transformative impact we offer.

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